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It is about female identity in its symbolic dimensions of expressiveness, represented by subjective intuition in addition to the process of introspection.
The four parts of the central topic correspond with the four seasons of a woman's life.

It starts with fall (melancholy), melancholy being one of the main characteristics in a woman's life. The dark background in the picture series symbolizes the gloomy conditions of religious, patriarchalic and social structures.

Next is winter, in which the woman's dreams lead to her death, although she did struggle to make them come true throughout her life. In this picture series religious and political conditions are symbolized.

After that follows springtime and the woman being full of hope and great prospects starts anew. In this series the power of the sun and its abundance - namely its musical sonority - represents the rebirth of life.

In the fourth part she achieves love, victory and success which she strived for. In this picture series the birdwoman along with the sun is a symbol for the victory of life and human liberation.
  In this season nature and earth reach the climax of fertility. Once again everything starts anew, endlessly, beginning with fall.

This cycle may be valid for all human beings, man and woman alike. But in the centre of these pictures stands the female figure because of her myth, in historical, cultural and sociopolitical signifigance in society. Jaleh Pourhang-Ramezani

Jaleh Pourhang-Ramezani