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12.12.41 born in Teheran, Iran   1985 immigration to Germany
1948-61 primary school, junior high, high school, high school diploma   1986-98 member of the art studio Alter Schlachthof ("Old Slaughterhouse") in Sigmaringen, Germany
1961-62 Teheran University Faculty for literature science, course of study social science   1988-98 head of the Art department of the Bildungswerk (educational school) in Sigmaringen
1963-68 Art faculty, MA in painting with the title "Art-Expert"   1990-92 teacher at the fashion school Düsseldorf, Germany
1968 Art price for illustrations in children literature participation in the fresco-painting in the Opera house in Teheran   1995-97 Lehrkraft an der Berufsfachschule für Mode Albstadt- Düsseldorf
1971 participation in an animation and cinema movie in Tehran   1998 moved to Berlin
1972-79 lecturer at Art university in Teheran member of the national UNESCO-committee in Iran head of the Art gallery Mani Gallery of Arts   1999 member of UNESCO-Germany and BBK (society for artists) Berlin
1980-85 teacher at the vocational school for graphic design in Teheran   2002-04 member of the commission Kooperative Kunst in der Schule (cooperative art in schools)
  2005-07 head of the Art project at the Fläming primary school in Berlin