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1972 single exhibition at the Ghandriz gallery in Teheran, Iran   2000 group exhibition at the Inselgalerie (island gallery) for the women's rights initiative XANTIPPE e.V in Berlin, Germany
1973 group exhibition at the "7th Festival of Art and Culture" with a catalogue   2002 Didar exhibition "Persian artists in Berlin" by Radio Multi Kulti Berlin
1974-76 exhibition about women of the city at the Persepolis gallery in Teheran   2004 Das Gebrochene Tabu (The broken taboo) single exhibition with C. Grosse at the Inselgalerie in Berlin
single exhibition at the Mini gallery participation at the international competition Joan Miro Drawing Price in Barcelona     roup exhibition at the World of Culture in Berlin
1976 group exhibition at the Mani gallery with a catalogue group exhibition in New Delhi, India   2006 group exhibition at the Inselgalerie EFAK (European women's academy for art and science) in Berlin
1988 1988 single exhibition at the Heine gallery in Sigmaringen, Germany   2008 "SEVEN"
group exhibition at the Inselgalerie (Inselgallery)
1990 single exhibition at the Sendlinger Kulturschmiede (Art factory Sendlingen) in Munich, Germany   2008 group exhibition at the Atelierhof/ Berlin- Kreuzberg
1992 group exhibition The Olympics Collection - Banquet and Conference Centre in Los Angeles, USA   2009 group exhibition at the Kulturzentrum Pavillon/ Hannover
1993 group exhibition at the University in Vienna in a cooperation with the Iranian Women's Study Foundation from Cambridge, Massachusetts   2010 group exhibition at the der Atelierhof/ Berlin- Kreuzberg
1994 Art exhibition about the European Union in the town hall of Sigmaringen   2010 single exhibition at the Victoria Gallery/ USA- Los Angeles